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CRM Migration Wizard
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Prepare to find out how easy it is to migrate your data in just a few simple steps! Let's get started by choosing the systems you'll be migrating.

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We just need to get some information on how to connect to your selected Origin. Please fill out the fields below, then test your connection using the Test Origin button.


Test Origin
Now that we have your origin information, we just need the following information to connect to your destination. Please enter the following information and hit the Test Destination button.


Test Destination
Please review the mapping for this migration below. If you agree to the mapping, proceed to the Test Data Load.

You may also add Custom Field Mappings.

 Job Name (Origin) (Destination)
In this step, we'll load the first 10 Records. After which, you'll review the data in your system to make sure it meets your requirements. Once you're satisfied, we'll collect payment and load all of your data!

When you are ready, press the 'Begin Test Data Load' button below.

Begin Test Data Load

Now we're ready to load all of your data. Press the button below and you can watch the status as your data loads. If you close this window, your data will continue to load and you may come back here to check on the status at any time.

Before proceeding, you may want to clear out the data we imported during the Test Data load. To do so, click the 'Delete Test Data' button below.

Delete Test Data

When you are ready, press the 'Begin Full Data Load' button.

Begin Full Data Load